If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Cheryl Cole's music video for 'Call My Name' was all about the sexy singer making guys' heads turn. Her latest clip for 'Under the Sun' follows almost exactly the same plot line, except instead of hanging out on the back streets of a seedy urban setting, she's walking through an outdoor marketplace.

There are other differences too, if you want to nitpick. While 'Call My Name' was built around suggestive dancing, the appeal of 'Under the Sun' is based more on playful teases and seductive stares. Just ask the guys who try to flirt with her. She won't give them her number, but she does toss them an apple from the cart of a local vendor before turning and walking away.

Cole struts through the alley in heels and a supertight skirt. The guys can't get enough, but the older ladies at the flower shop can't figure out what to make of her. When night falls, Cole joins up with a group of well-dressed gents for a short dance routine, which ends when it starts pouring rain.

The showers send her running into a diner, where she teases a group of military guys by stealing some of their milkshake and jumping up on the counter. When the song ends, she walks out of the shop without looking back, leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake.

'Under the Sun' is the opening track on Cole's latest album, 'A Million Lights,' which has not been released in the U.S. That's fine — we prefer watching her music videos anyway.

Watch the Cheryl Cole 'Under the Sun' Video