Tequila famously has a worm, but could your next summer cocktail have a...cicada?

According to this video currently making the rounds on social media, some people are already giving it a try.

Of course if this is your drink of choice, you shouldn't have any problem finding some cicadas around to pop in your drink.

Believe it or not, but many of the comments did not seem too enthused with the notion of giving this drink a try.

Each passing frame of the video features a new level of hell for many, but we think the gentleman "chewing" his little drink floater is the icing on the nasty cake.

If you thought that this group of bartenders may be a little crazy, many people have actually cooked and eaten cicadas this summer, including Food Network who actually has some tips that you can try yourself this summer. Good reminder that if you are allergic to seafood you should steer away from the bugs, since they contain many similarities and could cause you issues.

If you are anything like this writer and would prefer to be drowned in a large glass of Malört than eat/drink a bug that was living in it, rejoice. Experts claim that the cicadas should be gone by the midpoint of June. Back to the tequila worm I guess.

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