Colbie Caillat’s new song and video ‘Try’ has a simple but powerful message — love who you are.

The pretty blonde takes center screen in her new video, buffed with flattering makeup and silky hair as she sings, “Put your makeup on / Get your nails done / Curl your hair / Run the extra mile / Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?”

She’s joined by a diverse cast of women, who also have their hair and makeup perfectly in place, miming along to the powerful lyrics. All of the women begin to wipe their makeup off — Colbie included, starting by removing her thick extensions — to reveal their bare selves underneath.

“You don’t have to try so hard / You don’t have to give it all away / You just have to get up, get up, get up / You don’t have to change a single thing,” the pop star sings as she pulls off her false eyelashes.

All of the women sing their hearts out, fresh-faced and beautiful in their pride and confidence. It’s an empowering message visualized with a video that will hit home for anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable in her own skin.

In an exclusive interview with PopCrush, Colbie explained that ‘Try’ is about “how us girls always feel like we need to put so much makeup on and change our hair and buy expensive clothes and make sure our nails are perfect and it’s so ridiculous, even though we still do it every day. It’s about talking to girls and saying it’s okay if you look in the mirror as you are and liking who you are.”

Check out Colbie's inspirational video for 'Try' up above!

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