Let's get ready to rumble! Last year, we told you about Common's tiff with Drake when he dropped the song 'Sweet' from his 'The Dreamer/The Believer' album. Then on Friday (Jan. 6), when Rick Ross released his 'Rich Forever' mixtape, the Internet went nuts over the song 'Stay Schemin',' in which Drizzy responded to Common's lyrical diss. Of course, Common had some more disses up his sleeve -- which he shared today (Jan. 9).

On the Rick Ross song, Drake raps, "It bothers me when the Gods get to actin' like the broads / I guess every team doesn't come complete with n---as like ours / That's why I see no need to compete with n---as like y'all / I just ask that when see me, you speak up n---as that's all." He then adds, "Back when a n---a reached it was for the weapon / Nowadays n---as reach just to sell their record."

Common didn't hesitate, at all, to come back with some lyrical fire of his own. Early Monday morning Common retaliated over Rozay's 'Stay Schemin'' song! "I heard you say, you wasn't a b---h 'cause you sing / You a b---h 'cause you cling / Like a b---h that's 18," he raps. Com then threw this lyrical jab: "You ain’t wetting anybody n---a, you Canada dry." Ouch!

Common wasn't being subliminal with that line -- he was clearly talking about Drake. We don't know where this beef is headed, but Com definitely threw some lyrical zingers at Drizzy that he can't ignored.

Get your popcorn ready, folks, this is going to be one interesting rap battle.

Listen to Common's Diss Over the 'Stay Schemin'' Track