With [Twitter audiences] like these, who needs enemies?

Jimmy Kimmel's infamous "Mean Tweets" segment — in which celebrities read the worst of their online reviews — reared its ugly, cutting head once more on Tuesday night's (March 6) episode and targeted the likes of Niall Horan, Green Day and Common.

But first, let's address Pink's slam:

“Pink makes music for obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkingly [sic] walk into a Denny’s and ruin everyone’s evening,” she says laughing in the clip below, before conceding that she agrees, but is perhaps more typically partial to Waffle House.

Nick Jonas can't really escape the flak, either.

“Nick jonas was cute back when he was in the jonas brothers and now he looks like a ferrit [sic],” the “Bacon” singer recites as he smiles.

And there's simply no excuse for the shots fired at Meghan Trainor, who's forced to observe she is “that girl my parents would force me to listen to if i were white," while Fall Out Boy find themselves likened to “the Comic Sans MS of music. They are both entirely overused.”

Watch the clip above for more from Alice Cooper, Adam Levine and Usher, whom one Twitter follower insists is the type of guy who "seems like he’ll stop in the dead ass middle of sex because he got chilly."

Cutting Celeb Disses: