'Glee' star Cory Monteith is making headlines this week as he reportedly is voicing his opinion on some behind-the-scenes topics that are going down on set. According to the New York Post, Monteith has been butting heads with 'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy over the actor's claims that the cast is overworked and underpaid.

Sources have revealed that the tension is getting to be so thick that Monteith is considering bowing out of his fan-loved role on the show as Finn Hudson.

"Cory was the show’s golden boy, but has most recently been the most vocal member of the cast complaining," says the source. "He feels they are being overworked. They were filming and toured without any time to recover. He’s become a de facto leader complaining to Ryan Murphy [for the cast], who they feel should give them a bigger share of the show’s success, but Ryan thinks Cory is causing trouble."

Murphy supposedly threatened to not include Monteith in his forthcoming 'Glee' spin-off show and will hold off on any production for the untitled comedy that Monteith was planned to star in and co-produce with Bruce Nash and Robert Kosberg.

In the past, Monteith has made public statements about 'Glee' and the way they run the show, telling a radio station last year, "I got 400 bucks from it going No. 1, but you know what, that’s OK, because if I’m patient, and if this thing does really well, maybe I’ll see another 400 bucks."

A spokesperson for 'Glee' said there was no truth to the story, while a rep for Monteith echos that by saying, "For the record, [this] is completely fabricated, I would imagine the result of lingering rumors from last month but not based in truth whatsoever. Cory is back on set and very happy to be there."