Despite the fact that fans don't get to know their favorite celebrities on a personal level, they often feel like they know their faves by watching interviews, flipping through photos, and (especially nowadays) following their social media accounts. So when a celebrity dies, it's natural to feel some kind of loss.

One of the benefits of social media and the internet in general is that nothing is ever deleted for good. If you tweet about something, it's there forever — even if you delete it. That fact doesn't change when a celebrity passes away. There's kind of a morbid fascination associated with realizing the last thing someone posted online — be it a throwaway comment, a joke or a random observation — and their final words are forever immortalized because of the way technology has evolved. And it's somewhat comforting to know that we'll always have words they communicated with the world in print, forever.

Of course, interest in people's last words isn't a new phenomenon or something strictly related to new generations. There are books and websites devoted to famous figures' final utterances, but when you consider how revisionist history is, it's easy to be skeptical; the majority of those quotes could either be misattributed or falsified. But with Twitter, it's easier to believe that that the tweeter's thoughts are all their own.

Take a look at the last tweets of celebrities who are no longer with us in the gallery above.

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