A man on Reddit revealed that after finding out his daughter works as a stripper he cut her off financially.

The man explained that since his daughter recently graduated college, he agreed to "help her make car payments," but after finding out she works in a strip club, he is refusing to help her anymore.

"I was recently informed by a young man I work with that my daughter strips at a club about 40 minutes away. I confronted her on this and she said she didn’t plan to do it after she graduated, and she needed some money," he wrote via Reddit.

The man noted that he told his daughter to get a job at McDonald's and "not use her body."

"We got into an argument, and I asked her to quit stripping and get a decent job then. She refused and said stripping was easy money, so basically I said there was no need for me to pay her car payment anymore since she is making money so easily," he continued.

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His daughter got "upset" and told him he was being unfair, telling him that she doesn't make enough money to afford her car payments.

"I told her to figure it out. She told my wife about what happened, and my wife is upset by her job of choice but says it’s unfair for me to stop supporting her so suddenly over an argument. I think it’s perfectly fair, it’s my money and my decision when to cut it off," the dad concluded.

In the comments, Reddit users slammed the dad for not supporting his daughter.

"You may not like it, but it pays a lot better than McDonald's for fewer hours, so she doesn't have to run herself ragged while trying to study, work, and have a social life all at the same time. Unfortunately, minimum wage has stagnated for about two decades due to people your age and older insisting that it should remain low and that jobs like McDonald's are 'entry level' jobs and should be paid poverty wages," one person wrote.

"The way I see it, he's basically pushed her to work more hours stripping since she has to make her car payment herself now. Way to win at parenting, daddio!!" another commented.

"[You're the a--hole] by adding conditions to your agreement after the fact. [You're the a--hole] for shaming your daughter. [You're the a--hole] for not being a man of your word," someone else weighed in.

"What kind of a--hole tells a woman's parents that they saw their daughter stripping, as if that's any of his business to get into? Your gross co-worker, who goes to strip clubs to ogle women but then tattletales on them, is the biggest [a--hole] in this imo," another user wrote.

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