A man on Reddit is furious with his 20-year-old daughter after she ate his wife's birthday cake and even opened up the woman's gifts out of spite.

"I love my daughter but she can be a lot. Drama follows her everywhere and I was hoping she would grow out of it but it never happened. Due to this she has gone through multiple friends groups and, as she puts it, they are jealous, so she doesn’t have college friends," the frustrated father wrote on Reddit.

The man explained he married his current wife when his daughter turned 18, and he worked hard to foster a healthy relationship between her and her stepmom: "I introduced them when I was serious ([two] years in). I spent more time with her, I didn’t force them together, we made boundaries for my wife like punishment comes to me, not her."

However, his daughter has made it "impossible" for them to get along.

"Now to the main issue, my wife's birthday was yesterday. I put out her presents/cake on the table. I had work, too, so I left it," he shared, revealing that when he returned home, he found out his daughter had opened up his wife's presents and eaten a piece of her birthday cake.

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When he confronted his daughter, she declared her stepmom "doesn't deserve birthday presents."

"This is when I had enough and told her if she hates her stepmom so much she can leave. That she has a dorm and I don’t want to see her until an apology to me and my wife. She started crying and called me a jerk," he continued.

Since their argument, the man has "been getting a lot of texts from her" and is now doubting his decision."

In the comments section, readers suggested the man get his daughter professional help.

"I’m assuming this is your only child. It appears your daughter has some serious only child syndrome issues. Her behavior is so over the top immature. Wow! An apology is not enough. She needs to get herself back into counseling [and] get some help. She has some problems that you [and] your wife are not equipped to deal with. Your daughter appears to have serious adjustment problems [and] clearly she is lacking interpersonal skills," one person wrote.

"Whatever it is, it is why she cannot keep a friend group, they figure out she has some kind of darkness in her. She needs help big time, but on the flip side, I wouldn't allow her to destroy my family either," another chimed in.

"Your daughter has chosen to take the nuclear path of destruction. Kick her to her dorm. Further, threaten to stop paying for school if she's going to behave this poorly. Give her selfish a-- a wake-up call," someone else commented.

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