Last week, David Bowie released the teaser trailer for his upcoming short film for "Blackstar," the title track and lead single from his new album (due for release on January 8). Within a mere thirty seconds, the trailer promised nothing short of bizarre for the entire short film (hint: human scarecrows).

Bowie finally unveiled the full short film on his official Vevo page yesterday (November 19), and at just under ten minutes, it's as strange an adventure as we hoped for.

The short film begins with a series of close-up shots of an unidentified fallen astronaut who is initially the only sign of "life" in an otherwise desolate cavern awash in a gorgeous teal hue.

Then, as a young woman with a monkey tail (yes, a monkey tail) approaches the astronaut, we're treated to scenes of a blindfolded Bowie serving up some agonized hand movements in a rustic attic, while two shirtless young boys shudder on their knees in the far reaches of the room and a young woman cleans/shudders behind them.

Shortly after, we see the monkey-tailed girl lift the astronaut's helmet to expose a bejeweled skull, later placing it in a box and carrying it casually through an abandoned desert village. Subsequent strange images include a skeleton drifting through space toward a solar eclipse and a group of young girls (maybe a cult?) gathering in a red desert, forming a circle, and shudder-dancing.

As the music slows down around the four-minute mark, we finally see Bowie holding up his bible/missal with the black star emblazoned on the front. Except he's not alone, nor is he outside like the trailer made it seem; rather, he's in a room with sky-painted walls with the three people from the attic scene gazing upon him with awe.

Shortly after, we find out exactly who the infamous "Blackstar" is (if it wasn't obvious already): it's Bowie himself, which he proclaims in non-distorted vocals alone in the attic. He sings, "I'm'a take you home / Take your passport and shoes / And your sedatives, boo / Your flash in the pan / I'm the Great, I am / I'm the Blackstar..."

By the end of the short film, we discover that the bejeweled skull is some kind of mystical/magical talisman and may or may not control what looks like a fuzzy seaweed monster straight out of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

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