'American Idol' Season 7 winner David Cook performed his brand new single, the heartfelt, mid-tempo rocker 'The Last Song I'll Write for You' on tonight's (May 10) elimination/results episode.

Strumming away on his guitar and dressed top to tail in black, Cook, who appeared on the show back in 2008, delivered a tight and emotionally resonant rendition of the song, which we admit is still playing in our heads even though the performance ended several minutes ago. It's that catchy. Try expunging this one from your brain. Trust us, you'll find that it's difficult.

Backed by a full band and a swirling light show, we felt like we were attending a Cook concert, as opposed to a one-off performance on TV. His raspy voice deposits so much warmth on the lyrics and it was an excellent performance. We think the bearded singer has a hit on his hands with this song.

Since it was an elimination episode, things were understandably and noticeably tense, especially since we're down to the Final 4. The Top 3 was being decided and the producers were stringing us along and teasing us about who was in the bottom!

Still, Cook's tender love song was a welcome, well-done distraction from the drama, drama, drama.

'The Last Song I'll Write for You' is now available for download. Do it up.

Watch David Cook Perform 'The Last Song I'll Write for You' on 'American Idol'