David Cook's carelessness leads authorities to declare him dead in a humorous music video for his latest single 'The Last Goodbye,' from his upcoming album 'This Loud Morning.'

While a case of mistaken suicide may not sound like a knee-slapper, the way the story unfolds makes it funny. The tale begins with the Season 7 'American Idol' winner in the back seat of a cab, jotting down his thoughts in a notebook.

He heads to the beach as he sings the despondent lyric, "I didn't want to let you go / But wherever we are, we're miles apart / I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye." Cook continues to write as he tries to get over the loss.

Finally, he takes off his shoes and leather jacket and walks toward the ocean to do some soul-searching. He walks along the coast, leaving his notebook and clothes behind.

Minutes later, a woman walking her dog spots Cook's clothing and the footprints heading into the ocean. Once she sees the notebook with the words, 'The Last Goodbye' in big letters, she assumes the worst and calls 9-1-1. While Cook heads back to the hotel to drink and play music, authorities arrive at the beach and assume that he wandered into the water and took his own life.

As members of Cook's band read the newspaper headline, 'David Cook Feared Drowned' and can't believe their eyes, the singer, oblivious to the fact that people believe he's dead, emerges and wonders what the fuss is all about.

Watch David Cook's 'The Last Goodbye' Video