Season seven 'American Idol' champ David Cook is back with a new up-tempo rock song, 'The Last Goodbye,' from his next album 'This Loud Morning.'

Written by Cook with Ryan Tedder, the song describes a relationship that clearly didn't work out, judging by the opening line, "If you hear this on the radio, then we've already said our last goodbye."

Cook sounds surprisingly upbeat despite his obvious heartbreak: "We were almost beautiful, a broken piece of art put on display / But we were never possible, another perfect moment thrown away."

The track was produced by Matt Serletic and has the clean, polished sound Serletic has brought to rock acts like Matchbox Twenty and Collective Soul.

The song isn't groundbreaking by any means, but its appealing melody and Cook's strong voice make it one of the better songs he has recorded to date.

'The Last Goodbye' is the lead single from 'This Loud Morning,' Cook's sophomore album, due June 28. The song will get plenty of nationwide exposure when Cook plays it live on 'Idol' tonight.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to David Cook's 'The Last Goodbye'