In this week’s episode of ‘Smash’, Tom (Christian Borle) and his new boyfriend Sam sing a song about opening night as the cast prepares for ‘Tech’ week, also known as hell week in the theatre world. Our New Yorkers travel to Boston where three weeks of preview shows will be performed. Ivy (Megan Hilty) helps Derek (Jack Davenport) figure out a set problem and he replies (seemingly) sincerely “And that’s why I love you,” leaving her speechless. Let the show begin!

The actor Ted, playing Joe DiMaggio in the Marilyn Monroe production ‘Bombshell’ informs Derek that he cannot do the show anymore due to a better job offer. Derek tells Tom that they have to hire Michael Swift, the previous actor for DiMaggio until Julia and him had an affair. This affair led to Michael being fired and Julia’s (Debra Messing) marriage falling to pieces. Over the phone Tom tries to explain the situation to Julia, who is still at home with her family in New York. She is furious and refuses to work with Michael.

Tension escalates when Rebecca (Uma Thurman) finds out that her leading man has jumped ship. She is forced to go backstage to calm down and Derek asks Ivy to stand in as Marilyn. She is obviously pleased and relishes being in the spotlight. However, afterwards in her dressing room, Rebecca and Derek have a talk where he tells her to use her insecurities to channel Marilyn. Ellis finds Ivy listening outside Rebecca’s room, but he assures her that Derek isn’t cheating on her.

Karen (Katharine McPhee) confides in her friends that Dev is the love of her life but she doesn’t want to see him right now. Her cast mates assure her that civilian don’t belong in tech week because they wouldn’t understand the nerves and chaos. Back home, Dev is visited at his apartment by his beautiful coworker, who brought a bottle of bourbon. In a moment of passion they begin kissing before he breaks it off.

As Marilyn, Rebecca sings Derek ‘Happy Birthday’ during practice and has an elaborate cake brought on stage. Derek is touched and lets Rebecca hand feed him cake as Ivy looks on with unmatchable fury. Meanwhile Eileen tries to convince Julia that their only option left is to hire Michael Swift, but she refuses to put her fragile family at risk for the show. Meanwhile Dev shows up at rehearsal to surprise Karen but she cannot see him until after practice is over.

That night Tom has dinner with Sam’s family, and Tom wins them over only to upset Sam. Tom believes that Sam doesn’t have a stable career as a dancer and it causes a huge argument between them. Back at the theater Derek provides some emotional support for Rebecca and ends up sleeping with the Hollywood actress. Ivy tries to find Derek but realizes what’s going on in Rebecca’s dressing room.

Over dinner Dev proposes to Karen and she refuses to give him an answer because she is under so much pressure from Tech week. She leaves and tries to find a friend to talk to but comes across a cast member in one of the hotel rooms. Ivy and Karen are dared to do a sing off.

Broken hearted and grief stricken, Ivy sings a soulful rendition of ‘I’m Going Down.' Before it’s Karen’s turn Dev finds her at the party and blows up in her face. He admits to almost sleeping with his coworker, causing Karen to storm off. Meanwhile Frank and their son Leo convince Julia to go to Boston because they don’t want her to sacrifice her career. Julia agrees only after her family promises to go with her.

Back in Boston Ivy sits next to Dev at a bar and he buys her drink. After they introduce themselves, they toast with a mischievous eye and the episode comes to a sudden end. What will happen in these twisted turn of events? Are Derek and Ivy or Karen and Dev done for good? Can Julia handle her ex lover being in the same room? And will Rebecca actually make it to opening as Marilyn, or will one of our favorite ladies replace her at the last minute? Only two episodes remain in this season of ‘Smash’.

Watch a Scene From 'Smash's Ep 'Tech'

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