French DJ David Guetta is the gold standard of the EDM scene, simply because everything he touches (aka, lays a beat under) is a smash hit.

Over the past few years of his long-spanning career, Guetta has had a string of wildly successful mainstream singles, thus taking him out of the club, in terms of his appeal. But even with his impressive succession of pop hits, he remains behind the decks, spinning and doing his best to contribute to the sounds of club culture. He's also a talented songwriter who's able to fuse somewhat melancholic lyrics with spirited beats, and no matter what, you always want to dance.

To celebrate the DJ's impressive discography, we've examined his catalog and have picked the best David Guetta songs. He has partnered with everyone from Nicki Minaj to Sia, and often repeats collaborators, since he knows when he has a good thing going. Without further adieu, check out our picks for the Top 10 David Guetta songs.

  • 10

    'Sexy Chick'

    Feat. Akon

    Blips, beeps and celebration of a hot girl. What's better than that in EDM music? Guetta and Akon made magic with their 2009 track 'Sexy Chick,' which is the non-explicit version and his first Top 5 single. Years after its release, the track still feels like the ultimate summer song: Top down, speakers blaring, bikinis on.

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    'Little Bad Girl'

    Feat. Taio Cruz and Ludacris

    A true club banger, 'Little Bad Girl,' featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris, is indicative of why EDM has exploded in the past few years. Cruz and 'Cris come together to keep party people on the dancefloor, moving, shaking and sweating. Luda rapid fires his raps over Guetta's animated electronics, making this 'Little Bad Girl' sound so good.

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    'When Love Takes Over'

    Feat. Kelly Rowland

    Guetta isn't always obvious with his choices for female vocalists, but this was not the case when he had Kelly Rowland belt it on 'When Love Takes Over.' The Destiny's Child songstress gives the song a slightly '70s energy -- the result is like a modern, Guetta remix of a disco song from that era, since Rowland doles out a bit of a Donna Summer-style vocal. Who's dancing? Yeah, that'd be us.

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    'Every Chance We Get We Run'

    Feat. Tegan and Sara

    There is a childlike wonder implicit in this David Guetta song, thanks to lead vocals from Canadian indie-pop darlings Tegan and Sara. The twin sisters have collaborated with other EDM acts like Tiesto and Morgan Page in the past, but their 'Nothing but the Beat 2.0' collabo might just be our favorite. The track grows and bulges with Guetta beats, giving it that classic push and pull, tension and release.

  • 6

    'Who's That Chick'

    Feat. Rihanna

    Rihanna sounds robotic singing over Guetta-drafted beats on 'Who's That Chick.' As she declares "I just wanna dance / I don't really care," it sounds like an invite you can't turn down. It's midtempo and upbeat, with an additional layer of heat thanks to RiRi's island accent, which punctuates her staccato delivery every once in a while.

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    'She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)'

    Feat. Sia

    You can never have too much of a good thing, like a David Guetta and Sia collabo. 'She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)' is anchored by Sia's strong, femme vocal prowess. She takes lead, vocally, but Guetta steers the sonic ship with piano melodies and a downpour of beats. Like 'Without You,' this has an element of melancholia, but it never, ever brings you down. Music needn't be slow or sad to express those sentiments. Plus, you can always dance to feel better, since physical activity boosts seratonin levels.

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    'Turn Me On'

    Feat. Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj and David Guetta made beautiful music twice. Their smash 'Turn Me On' is catchier than an STD. This one will infect you, as it shows a different side of Minaj. The Harajuku Barbie isn't faking a British accent or dropping adenoidal raps on this David Guetta song -- she's just being sexy and showing off her pipes. These two have effortless chemistry and it crackles.

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    Feat. Sia

    Sia's crystalline voice imbues 'Titanium,' one of our favorite  David Guetta songs, with palpable emotion. Those who think EDM is a sterile, machine-generated form of music clearly aren't listening to Guetta. His songs have a heartbeat and blood coursing through their veins. Sia's vocals, which are a bit like Rihanna's, help bring the life, while Guetta brings the beats.

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    'Where Them Girls At'

    Feat. Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj

    Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida join forces with Guetta on 'Where Them Girls At.' It's a club banger of the highest order, loaded with studio treatments, Auto-tuning, Flo's pop-rap delivery and Minaj's nasally rhymes. The dual gender vocal and lyrical interplay is flawlessly executed. If this doesn't have you leaning back and booty bouncing on that dance floor, well, we don't think anything else will.

  • 1

    'Without You'

    Feat. Usher

    This smash hit from 2011 is lyrically forlorn and driven by Usher's butter smooth falsetto, but Guetta keeps the spirits high with his backing track. Plus, who doesn't want to jump around to the "Oh, oh, oh" part?" The high-energy track swells and crashes, and is tempered by highs and lows. It's a musical roller coaster if there ever was one. By the end, you explode in euphoria and just dance. This is why 'Without Out' is the best David Guetta song.