Hell hath no fury like two dissed DJs. Electro master Deadmau5 and 'Jersey Shore' castmember DJ Pauly D are embroiled in a Twitter war after Deadmau5 criticized one of Pauly D's tracks.

Basically, Deadmau5 accused DJ Pauly D of "overmarketing" in his music video for 'Night of My Life.' The drama started when Pauly D tweeted to his fans asking what they thought of the video for 'Night of My Life.' Deadmau5 replied, "well since you asked, i didn't really enjoy it. it looked like it cost about $150 to make, and nothing really creative about it." A little harsh, no?

The spree continued on both sides, with Deadmau5 adding, "@DJPaulyD yer 'overmarketing' the hell out of it. just being honest. your fans aren't idiots. engage them, and the music will do the selling," followed by, "the f--- am i supposed to say? 'great job! keep it up! these old bulls--- music business models still work great!' as the f--- if." Not gonna lie, we liked the potty-mouthed Cher Horowitz bit.

In any case, Pauly D responded, "T-Shirt $40 Jeans $120 Hair Gel $12 Being Hated On By Deadmau5 #Priceless." Deadmau5 didn't take that well, replying once more, "@DJPaulyD hating? the f---? you clearly don't know me enough if you thought that was "hating". was just some friendly-ish advice." We're on the end that thinks it was more "-ish" than "friendly," though Deadmau5's initial comment wasn't necessarily mean -- just very direct.

The feud went on a for a while -- don't these guys have mixes to do? Pauly D wrote, "Wonder If I Could Get @Deadmau5 To DJ My Birthday ?? Now That Would Be The #NightOfMyLife." Deadmau5 replied that he doesn't have a publicist and to be careful. Pauly D then got cute with the puns, tweeting, "Maybe He Just Needs Some Cheese To Go With His Whine ... #WheresMyMau5Trap."

The sparring spinners' final -- and least profane -- tweets are:



Do you think Deadmau5 just has sour grapes, or do you think he was honestly trying to give Pauly D constructive criticism? Tell us in the comments!

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