DJ Pauly D has come a long way since his days on the ever-so popular and bronzed MTV series 'Jersey Shore.' After signing to 50 Cent's label, and touring a bit with Britney Spears, the up-and-coming DJ has dropped a brand new video for his recently released single titled 'Night of My Life.'

Aside from the song being the theme for MTV’s 'The Pauly D Project' and extremely catchy, the 'Night of My Life' video follows DJ Pauly D and R&B singer Dash, as they travel the world going from gig to gig, party to party, and rave to rave -- often stopping abruptly to give the viewer and listener seconds consumed with screaming Pauly D fans.

The video is drenched with dancing, drinking, sexy women, good looking guys, glow sticks, Italian flags, and confetti falling like feathers onto the heads and shoulders of party-goers, all of whom hold smiles on their faces. It doesn’t matter if the DJ is partying at the beach, a nightclub or in his own dressing room; no matter where he’s spinning, a good time is going to be had by all.

In the end, whatever music you enjoy, it’s hard to deny the fact that song is upbeat, filled with life and leaves one with a lighter and more jovial feeling than before having listened to it.

And from watching the video -- that feeling seems to be an even more present one.

Watch the DJ Pauly D 'Night of My Life' Video Feat. Dash