There's nothing we love more than a singer who radiates self-confidence -- and that's exactly what Diana Espir does on her new song, 'Tomboy,' featuring Nelly. PopCrush is exclusively premiering the track's lyric video, which you can see above!

You may recognize Diana from 'The Voice France,' but trust us, she's also going to be commandeering radio waves very, very soon.

The lyric video for 'Tomboy' is bright and energetic, with a playful edge of attitude, just like the track itself! Diana's vocals sound amazing and we love the song's message -- she's going to be herself, even if it's not what other people expect.

"I'm a tomboy / Posted all day in the streets boy / Riding around making mad noise," she belts. "That's who I am / I've made my choice." This sentiment is echoed in Nelly's rap verse, when he says, "Stay true to what you do / Let your true be who you are."

Whether you just need a mood boost or you want to completely rock out, this is the track for you! Listen to Diana Espir's 'Tomboy' lyric video featuring Nelly above.