Diddy is not going to like the smell of this. The hip-hop impresario has been slapped with a lawsuit by a hair company over the name Empress. Beauty company Empress Haircare is suing Diddy over his fragrance line Empress Sean John, which they believe he is violating their trademark.

According to Allhiphop.com, Empress Haircare Products filed a lawsuit on Jan. 10 in New York, claiming that reps for Sean Jean attempted to file a trademark for the name Empress despite knowing that Empress Haircare owns an existing trademark. In February 2010, a lawyer for Sean John allegedly got in touch with Empress Haircare to see if they could use the trademark in exchange for a sizable payment. When Empress declined their offer, Sean John allegedly applied for another trademark patent for "Empress Sean John" and were unsuccessful in their attempt.

Despite the legal roadblocks, Sean John still released their 'Empress Sean John Perfume and Lotion' collection into the marketplace, targeting the same consumers as the Empress Haircare line, the lawsuit states. Empress Haircare Products is seeking monetary damages including all profits netted by the sale of Sean John's Empress fragrance collection.

Diddy nor his attorneys had no comment on the legal matter.