Official news of Disney's first Polynesian princess-starring film, Moana, broke last summer. Now, a new international trailer for the highly-anticipated movie reveals stunning new animation, as well as a beyond precious look at the titular star as a baby. Cue the awww-ing!

In the Japanese promo clip (below), audiences are introduced to a pint-sized, even larger-eyed version of Moana as a young child playing on the shores of her island home.

Wearing a puka shell necklace and a flower in her hair, the little princess gathers seashells as the ocean parts for and literally plays with her, hinting that she may possess a power and special connection to the sea that she cannot yet comprehend. It's super kawaii — that means super cute in Japanese!

Maui, the boisterous demigod played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is absent from the new promo, though he's featured heavily in the more comedic U.S. version of the trailer.

Set to hit theaters on November 23, Moana will tell the story of a young woman who embarks on an oceanic journey to become a "master wayfinder" and fulfill her ancestors' ancient quest.

Newcomer and native Hawaiian Auli'i Cravalho will provide the voice for the film's heroine. She dished about her landmark casting and the voice-over recording process to PEOPLE in October 2015.

"I’m just being myself, really," she said. "I’m very animated when I talk so luckily that comes out over the recording. If I’m jumping up and down, it’ll sound like I’m jumping up and down. I don’t really have to fake anything in the recording studio!"

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