Drake's knack for making hot beats and rhymes is the result of being a chip off the old block. You see, Drizzy's dad is Dennis Graham, a former drummer for rock 'n' roll piano king Jerry Lee Lewis. So the musical apple didn't fall so far from the tree.

TMZ caught up with Mr. Graham outside of Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he and his son were having dinner, and he broke down how his son became so musically inclined. "I have pictures of Drake when he was a kid in my lap -- as a baby -- and I was teaching him how to play piano," he explained. "Even when he was in his mother's womb, I used to play piano and she would sit there and listen to it."

"He felt it. He really felt it," he continued, suggesting that by him playing the piano, it stimulated his son to enjoy and perform music.

As Drake tried to avoid the nagging paparazzi, he was asked if he and his father would ever do a duet together. "Yeah, it’s possible," he quipped.

Another musical footnote to add to this story is that Drake's uncles are legendary guitarist Larry Graham of 1970s funk band Graham Central Station and Teenie Hodges, a guitarist and songwriter for soul crooner Al Green.

So if you every wonder how Drake became such a musical prodigy -- it's in his genes.

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