Justin Bieber has come a loooooong way, baby. He used to get in trouble for being disruptive in school. Now he is celebrated and honored for disrupting the status quo. My, how things have changed!

The 'Boyfriend' singer hit the NYU campus in Manhattan to attend the third annual Tribeca Distruptive Innovation Awards, where he was honored alongside his trusty manager Scooter Braun for his use of the social media sphere and the digital space to advance his fame.

True to form, he tweeted about receiving such recognition, thanking his throng of Beliebers in the process. Next to Lady Gaga, the Biebs is one of the most effective users of Twitter there is.

Below are his tweets about how things have evolved – from being a disruptive presence in class to being rewarded for enacting social and cultural change. There's also video from the event and you can hear a girl shrieking "OH MY GOD" so loud at the site of The Biebs that it could shatter glass and cause a pack of dogs to start howling.



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