Wait, what? Did science finally discover a cure for the hangover, or at the very least something that alleviates it a bit? The study is just a few years old, according to Medical Daily, so better late than never I guess. According to Medical Daily, it's all about eating a pear or drinking pear juice. But not just any pear, it must be an Asian pear.

Here's how it works: Before you start that night out with friends celebrating a big birthday, getting your bottomless mimosas on at brunch, or hitting that wedding reception, according to Delish, the Asian pear will minimize your hangover symptoms but only if you eat that pear or drink it in juice form before you meet up with your friends for that first of many toasts of the night.

Trying to get rid of this admittedly self-induced misery by eating or drinking the pear after you've stumbled home from one too many drinks won't stop or minimize your hangover.

Asian pear or Nashi pear
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So why this particular pear, and for that matter, this fruit in general? You'll get a kick out of this.

According to Mental Floss, Asian pear juice speeds up alcohol metabolism while breaking down the absorption of alcohol into our system but why it works is still a total and complete mystery according to Delish. 

The juice in Asian pears also has quite the anti-inflammatory effects so that splitting headache should dull or even go away completely.

Rodrigo dos Reis/Getty/Markus Spiske/
Rodrigo dos Reis/Getty/Markus Spiske

According to Medical Daily, if you're not into the pear thing, you can always try eating asparagus before you start your night out drinking which has similar hangover-help properties.

Also, bananas and pretzels with all of their salt and potassium help with hangover side effects if you eat them prior to heavy drinking.

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