Ellie Goulding premiered the music video for her latest single “Army” today (January 14), and it's an expression of love and appreciation for her fans and loved ones.

The clip opens on a dedication that says, “For my best friend Hannah, and my incredible fans. Ellie.” It then launches into various behind-the-scenes shots of Goulding interacting with her inner circle, interspersed with footage of the massive crowds she draws at concerts.

“Army” marks the second official single off her latest release Delirium, and the upbeat vibe of the track and its video follows in line with the rest of the album. It’s a noticeable shift in attitude, and one Goulding remains staunchly self-aware of. While she admits her past records are largely about heartbreak, she feels she’s grown significantly as a person since the release of her 2013 album Halcyon Days.

Halcyon was just a dark period of time in my life for different reasons. That definitely reflected a lot in the album. I didn't know it at the time — how sad I was," she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "This record, the past few years I feel like I’ve opened my eyes to a lot more things in the world and I feel like I can change them. I feel a lot more positive about life. I feel like I have a lot more confidence and power.”

Check out the "Army" music video above.

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