Ellie Goulding's latest smash 'Burn' is lighting up the charts, the dancefloors and the radio. We've dissected the meaning behind the electro-pop/EDM-lite song from a lyrical perspective. What exactly is the British singer setting ablaze?

Technically, she's not really looking to turn pieces of her life into kindling. Rather, the light that burns inside of her and her friends is what illuminates their way as they navigate this scary thing called life.

"We, we don't have to worry 'bout nothing / 'Cause we got the fire, and we're burning one hell of a something / They, they gonna see us from outer space, outer space / Light it up, like we're the stars of the human race, human race."

Burning bright, so bright, in fact, that they can see you in space and in the heavens, is of primary concern. That's the kind of life that Goulding's narrator wants to live, one with little concerns or cares. She is essentially dressing up that old saying that it's better to burn out than to fade away.

"And what we see is everybody's on the floor acting crazy / Getting loco 'til the lights out / Music's on / I'm waking up / We fight the fire, then we burn it up / And it's over now / We got the love, there's no sleeping now."

Life is burning too bright to allow anyone to get any shut eye or  sleep. Goulding is equating love to the light and the fire that burns inside us all. She's speaking of the passion which keeps us going.

"Strike the match / Play it loud / Giving love to the world / We'll be raising our hands / Shining up to the sky / 'Cause we got the fire, fire, fire."

Again, it's all about light, life and love, which includes a little dancing. Isn't that the pursuit of happiness? It's certainly a song celebrating youth. #CarpeDiem.

That's the PopCrush read of Ellie Goulding's 'Burn.' PopCrushers, what do you guys think? What do you take away from the song?

Listen to Ellie Goulding's 'Burn'

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