Contrary to its title, 'Explosions,' the latest single from Ellie Goulding, is a quiet ballad built around the singer's emotional delivery.

The only eruptions here are the lyrical ones. Goulding speaks in metaphors and vague phrasing at times, but the song seems to deal with a turbulent relationship. At one point she sings, "You left my soul bleeding in the dark so you could be king," and the hook looks forward to the arrival of "the day you wake up needing somebody."

The track begins with Goulding singing a cappella over an operatic vocal loop that falls somewhere between angelic and creepy. She sings, "I've fallen from grace / Took a blow to my face / I've loved and I've lost / I've loved and I've lost." Nearly a minute into the song, strings and a piano arrive to lead into a more sweeping chorus.

'Explosions' neatly presents a different side of the U.K. singer without sacrificing her quirky style. The song stands out from anything else being played on the radio at the moment. It's another reason to look forward to the arrival of Goulding's new LP 'Halcyon,' which hits retailers next Tuesday, Oct. 8 and also features 'Anything Could Happen.'

Listen to Ellie Goulding, 'Explosions'