Ellie Goulding has a couple of big maybes in her life. The British singer may move to Los Angeles to be closer to her boyfriend Skrillex. She is also finishing her new album, which she hopes to drop in October.

When interviewed by Clevver TV at ELLE's Women in Music event, last year's royal wedding reception performer spoke about her love affair with the City of Angels, saying, "I love it. I scarily love L.A. a lot and am thinking about moving here." Her BF is based in Los Angeles, so that might hasten her decision.

She did acknowledge that her home fanbase might be bummed, saying, "I think my fans in the U.K. might be quite sad to hear that." That may be true, but she can always return home to tour, and she and Skrillex are in a seriously long distance relationship that needs to shrink the physical gap to survive. Those phone bills can't be cheap, either.

Goulding revealed she is in the thick of the writing process and is therefore skipping the Euro festival season to finish her next album which she said she really hopes to release in October. She hinted it will have a different sound but that her BF's electro DJ skills will not factor into it. She appeared a bit miffed at the question and stepped back as if to move away from the interviewer and the interview.

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