"A part of me views this album as an experiment — to make a big pop album. I made a conscious decision that I wanted it to be on another level," Ellie Goulding said when she first announced the release of her upcoming studio album, Delirium (out November 6). And she's damn well doing it — and doing it well.

Ellie's had a solid streak thus far in the campaign, from her propulsive, Max Martin-produced "On My Mind" to the Greg Kurstin co-helmed "Something In The Way You Move." But now, three promotional singles deep, the Lights singer might have just struck with her hardest hit yet: "Lost And Found."

Co-penned with Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh, as well as a dream team of supreme pop-crafting Swedes (Max Martin, Carl Falk and Joakim Berg), Ellie stays true to her singer-songwriter sensibility while opting for that "big pop" approach, supplying ample lyrical depth between the danceable pulsations.

With ample "Hey!"-s and a folky, propulsive guitar-pop pulse (all very Carl Falk), the singer soon drifts into dreamier electronic textures while growing nostalgic: "Near the countryside but I just forgot, all the things that matter I forget a lot / I get so caught up in the city cloud, but this place is still my first love," she reminisces, almost like a lyrical nod to "Wish I Stayed." (You feeling me, early Little Gouldsters?)

"Is there anybody out there waiting for me on my way?" she calls out across the chorus. "If that's somebody is you, then baby, I just want to say / Tonight, nothing will bring us down / Tonight, we're at the lost and found."'

Yeah, this album's going to be huge.

The song won't officially be available until tomorrow (October 23), but until then, listen to "Lost And Found" in full on BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce Show around the 02:06:35 mark.

Ellie also uploaded a "Lost and Found" teaser today on Instagram:

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