UPDATE: She's too good to us! Ahead of the song's premiere, Ellie's just teased 15 seconds of "On My Mind" — and it sounds VERY PROMISING.

Ellie Goulding's been away for a minute since the (re-)release of 2013's Halcyon Days.

Well, no: She's actually done a bunch of non-solo career related things, including teaming up with Calvin Harris on last year's "Outside" and collaborating with Major Lazer on "Powerful." There was also that whole global smash of a Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack single, "Love Me Like You Do." So really, she never left.

But! If loud rumblings over the past months and a GIF are to be believed, Ellie's solo return formally begins on September 17.

In a silent GIF teaser posted moments ago today, the singer not only generously displays her bare, tattooed side in a frilly metallic number that semi-obscures her face (the wind machine really caught her off-guard in this shot), but also reveals a key date: "17.09.15."

And thanks to some sleuthing, we already (probably maybe) know the title of the track.

During the iHeartRadio summit in August, Interscope CEO John Janek previewed a new Ellie song called "On My Mind" in a sizzle reel of upcoming releases. And, to add further fuel to the fire (and we're gonna let it burn, burn, burn), radio stations have begun listing "On My Mind" to their forthcoming airplay schedules in the same week.

That's assuming this teaser is a single teaser and not, like, a surprise album teaser or something. Which it could be! Why? Because anything could happen. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

In addition, Ellie's confirmed that she'll be hitting the stage for the iTunes Festival this weekend on September 19.

The return of Goulding is in full swing. Are you ready to hear what's going on in Ellie's mind?

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