Priscilla Presley is opening up about her controversial relationship with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

During an interview with Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Priscilla recalled the early days of her romance with Elvis, with whom she shared a 10-year age gap. The famous couple began dating when Priscilla was only 14 and Elvis — already a music superstar at the time — was 24.

When asked if Priscilla believed Elvis had "groomed" her, considering she was a child and Elvis was an adult when he began courting her, Priscilla said it was simply "a different time — it was the '60s."

"I don't know about grooming me, I didn't take it at that. I never heard the word, I mean obviously it's all new now but, you know, he loved to take me to beautiful stores to buy me an outfit. I didn't have any money and he would take me to the movies every night. That's when you dressed up and he wanted me to look good and not feel bad," Priscilla reminisced.

Priscilla also insisted Elvis was never aggressive with her, explaining, "I was 14 in Germany and there was always people around. Our talks were, yes, private but he never, ever, ever was aggressive, nor did he ever make love to me. I was somehow ... someone he trusted to talk to and pour his heart out."

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"When I first started dating him ... he would call my parents to see if I could come over just on the weekends, you know, maybe Friday, maybe Saturday. That whole, I mean, part of my life was getting to know him, but the question was, 'Why me? Why is he drawn to me? Why is he asking my mother and father if it was OK if I would go visit?'" Priscilla continued.

"When I put all the pieces together, it's because I was the listener. I was the one that he trusted more, I think, than anyone, and I honored that and I would never give that up. I never told kids at school that I was seeing him. No one even knew, because I valued that trust," she added.

Priscilla Presley's life and relationship with Elvis is explored in Sofia Coppola's new film, Priscilla, in theaters Friday (Oct. 3).

The film is based on Priscilla's best-selling memoir, Elvis and Me.

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