Emily Vaughn is so over it in the new video for her no-f---s-given electro-pop anthem, "MOOD."

Premiering on PopCrush, the glittery clip finds the rising pop princess traipsing around Sin City, loitering outside of kitsch motels, dancing with girlfriends in a party bus and strutting down the strip in style (and candy-colored wigs).

"You don't like how I live, but it's not up to you / You love to hate me, I gotta better things to do," the Florida-bred, Nashville-based singer-songwriter croons in her saccharine tone over a swaggering beat.

"This is my favorite video I’ve ever done because it was completely unscripted," Vaughn shares with us. "I wanted to [film the] video during a trip I took to Vegas, on my birthday, with some of my best friends to embody empowerment, freedom and autonomy over myself. 'MOOD' is a visual representation of me owning independence and not being in the mood for anybody's negative feedback—especially when what's perceived is normally only half the story."

"Anyway, I'm just over-explaining myself," she quips. "I'm literally not in the mood."

Watch below:

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