Hip-hop started out in the park with just two turntables and a microphone. Now it's a global art form. A film on the lyricism of hip-hop has been long overdue, which is why it's great to see that Ice T's self-produced documentary 'Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap' will hit theaters this summer.

The rap icon's critically-lauded film examines the intricacies of rhyming in hip-hop with discussions from some of its important creators. In the film, Ice-T interviews 54 of the most influential lyricists, including Eminem, Chuck D, Snoop Dogg, KRS-One, Kanye West, Ice Cube, Q-Tip, Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def and many others.

The trailer offers a few snippets of conversations Ice-T had with these distinguished creators of rhyme. "It didn't start out as a pop cultural movement, it didn't have pop culture ambitions," says Mos Def about hip-hop. "It's a folk art, it's folk music." Later, when Snoop Dogg is asked to explain his rhyme style, he simply says, "I would say my style is Taekwondo." And let's keep it real, Snoop has been slinging lyrical punches for over 15 years.

This looks like a great documentary that hip-hop heads and even novices of the culture can watch and enjoy.

Ice-T's documentary 'Something to Nothing: The Art of Rap' will open in theaters on June 15.

Watch the 'Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap' Official Trailer

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