When it comes to his music, Eminem doesn't play nice. Just ask Audi.

The Detroit rapper has reached a settlement with the German automotive company after he sued them for allegedly copying his Chrysler 300 Imported From Detroit commercial.

According to the lawsuit, Em claimed that Audi's commercial, which only aired in Europe, plagiarized his Chrysler ad complete with a 'Lose Yourself' sound-alike song and a man driving through an urban environment.

Financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but the agreement calls for Audi to "support the revitalization of Detroit" and contribute to the Imported from Detroit campaign and other unnamed charities to help boost the city's dire economy.

"Audi has tremendous respect for Eminem and his works and likewise for the Imported From Detroit campaign which was created by Chrysler," said Audi reps in a statement. "Certainly Audi would never wish to insult or harm those parties or their fans and customers."

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, we posted Eminem's Chrysler commercial and the offending Audi ad below. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Watch the Eminem Chrysler Commercial Video

Watch the Audi Commercial Video