Erika Van Pelt had to sing for her life on 'American Idol' tonight (March 22), since she received the least amount of votes. She once again tore through 'I Believe in You and Me,' which she also performed during the Whitney Houston episode a few weeks ago.

Seemingly empowered and emboldened by her new, close-cropped black hair, which was a bold and drastic change suggested by style mentor Tommy Hilfiger, EVP sang the crap out of the song, delivering an end note that Houston herself likely heard in heaven.

Sadly, the judges decided not to grant her their only save of the season. Once again, we were left to say, "Say what?" When Ryan Seacrest asked the panel if they would grant EVP a stay of execution, Randy Jackson smugly shook his head and said, "No." Really, Randy? You weren't moved at all by her beautiful performance? We're baffled by how bored he looked.

Something tells us, and this is just a sneaking suspicion, that they are holding onto that save specifically for Heejun Han, since J. Lo is absolutely crazy about him and he is constantly in the bottom, making him likely to be sent home by the American voting public sooner than later. Show mentor Jimmy Iovine has expressed confusion about it, as well, but the judges love the resident comedian who doesn't seem to take his performances seriously at all. This is the second week in a row the judges chose to let a blonde belter leave the fold.

Nevertheless, we are shocked by Van Pelt's exit but we enjoyed our time with her. She really could sing the hell out of the phone book.

And then there were nine...

Watch Erika Van Pelt's Last Performance on 'American Idol'