Erin Willett absolutely nailed her performance of 'Without You' by David Guetta featuring Usher tonight on 'The Voice.'  The team Blake member gave an impassioned vocal on a song that clearly means a lot to her.

Blake was excited in rehearsals that, "this could be Erin's breakout moment." He couldn't have been more right, as Erin truly connected with the lyrics of a song for the first time all season.

The 22-year-old powerhouse belter toned down her boisterous vocals, turning in a transcendent version of a club anthem. By singing a slowed down version of the song, she completely made it her own.  She was backed by minimal staging and dreamy lighting. Albiet a few time where she was slightly off key, Erin still hit all the glory notes as the crowd constantly cheered her on.

Erin appeared to get emotional at the end of the song, but kept her composure until it was over. Once the lights came on she was crying and smiling at the same time. Christina Aguilera told her that it was, "very bold of you, unique, and original," while she was also, "proud to see you so emotionally involved in a song." Blake commented that she looked beautiful and, "I would give anything to have a 10th of the talent you have." Blake also praised her for her strength in the face of her father's recent death.

Erin smiled triumphantly after the judges positive comments.

Watch Erin Willett Perform 'Without You' on 'The Voice'