Estelle has doubts about whether a man is really "The One" on 'Break My Heart,' a new song featuring rapper Rick Ross.

The British singer nabbed a Grammy for her 2008 collaboration with Kanye West, 'American Boy,' which remains her only single to dent the US charts.

'Break My Heart' has a shot at becoming her second stateside hit, with a gentle, soulful quality and Estelle's appealing voice singing about the dilemma of whether to give away her heart:

"You want me to trust you, but how can I trust you / When I don't know the first thing about that? / There's so many questions and I don't wanna listen / Messing with my heart and I just got it back / I just wanna love you, baby / I don't wanna waste no time / I wanna be your only one, baby / Please don't break my heart."

Ross' two verses to add a bit of muscle to the track: "Fell in love with shawty, blame it on the chemistry / Tools on the low, fools really envy me / Money multiply, S600 benz / Me and my shawty lie, we a team to the end."

'Break My Heart' will appear on Estelle's third album 'All of Me,' which has been in the works for some time now.

Rating: 8/10

Listen to Estelle and Rick Ross, 'Break My Heart'