Calling all Gleeks! We want to know who your favorite 'Glee' cast member is! Although there are a lot of amazing singers who rock the halls of William McKinley High School on the regular, we want you to weigh in on who the absolute best 'Glee' character is.

Even though we love characters like Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester, we've narrowed our list of options down to the kids of 'Glee.' In this readers poll, Gleeks are able to vote on their favorite WMHS singing student, like New Direction members Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel. Maybe you're a huge fan of Artie? Or maybe Mercedes is your 'Glee' idol? Santana, Quinn and Brittany are all up for Favorite 'Glee' member, as are Mike, Tina, Puck and the latest WMHS transfer Blaine Anderson.

The time has come to sound off, Gleeks! Vote for your favorite 'Glee' character below and leave us a comment below explaining why they're the best in your eyes.