Lady Gaga is a true visionary, and her catalog of music videos thus far reflect the songstress' creative nature and artistry. With a wide array of outrageously fabulous costumes, twisted and inspiring plot lines, impressive dance routines, and captivating special effects, it's always a big event when Gaga drops a new music video. So, little monsters, which one is your absolute favorite?

The bubbly and colorful 'Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)' video was Gaga's first visual effort, and it was later followed by the money-smoking wildness of 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.' Lady Gaga broke out with her hit 'Just Dance,' with the visual reflecting the song's "let go and have fun" attitude. However, it wasn't until 'Poker Face' that we saw Gaga really breaking out of her shell in a variety of eye-catching outfits while stripping down to her skivvies. 'LoveGame' is another great Gaga clip, as is the twisted, Hitchcock-inspired video for 'Paparazzi.'

Lady Gaga continued to grow as she released more and more videos, with the 'Bad Romance' clip really cementing her as one of the most unique and fashion-forward artists of out time. 'Telephone' is always a good watch, with Gaga and Beyonce portraying sexy outlaws, while 'Alejandro' carries a lot of weight with its religious visuals and stony feel.

'Born This Way' is an epic mix of aliens, skeletons, and amazing dance routines, while 'Judas' finds Gaga recreating (and of course, putting her own twist on) the biblical betrayal of Jesus. In the clip for 'The Edge of Glory,' Mother Monster dances her heart out in her beloved N.Y.C. streets, but she moves all the way to the corn fields of Nebraska for 'You and I.' Finally, 'Marry the Night' chronicles Lady Gaga's rise to stardom and how she had to hit rock bottom before hitting it big.

It's a tough decision, but let us know: Which Lady Gaga music video is your favorite? Cast your vote below!