Over the past couple decades, Mariah Carey has cemented herself as one of the world's most talented vocalists. Ever since she broke out in 1990 with her hit self-titled debut, Carey has been praised for her catchy pop and R&B-twinged tunes as well as her glass-shattering, blow-the-roof-off vocals.

While her single discography boasts more than 60 singles, many of which became chart-topping hits, we've narrowed the list down to 12 of her most popular singles. Now we want all of you Mimi fans to let us know: Out of these choices, which is your favorite Mariah Carey song?

Do you consider yourself one of Mariah Carey's original fans? Well then perhaps some of her earlier material like 'Vision of Love' or 'Someday' appeals to your auditory senses. Maybe mid '90s Mariah is more up your alley? Then tunes like 'Dreamlover,' 'Fantasy,' 'Hero,' 'Fantasy,' 'One Sweet Day' or 'Always Be My Baby' might be more your style. Or maybe 'Honey' and 'Heartbreaker' get you grooving along? Finally, Carey has kept her career going strong well into the 21st century with hits like 'We Belong Together,' 'Shake It Off,' and 'Touch My Body.'

Mariah Carey fans -- vote on your favorite Mimi song below, and if your all-time favorite didn't make the list, leave a comment below letting us know which song you like best and why.

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