Happy birthday to Gwen Stefani! Today, Oct. 3, marks the 43rd -- yes, you read that correctly -- birthday of the sizzling hot No Doubt songstress. In honor of her birthday, her band's career, and their latest release in the form of 'Push and Shove,' we want all of you No Doubt-aholics to vote on your favorite track from the long-standing quartet.

Most of No Doubt's older material had a much heavier rock and ska sound, and although they'd been a band since 1986, their breakout into the world of pop didn't come until their third album's release in 1995. 'Tragic Kingdom' saw No Doubt grow from a popular local band to a massively successful global name, and their first single 'Just a Girl' was the driving force behind this movement. But 'Just a Girl' wasn't their only 'Tragic Kingdom' single, as 'Spiderwebs,' 'Excuse Me Mr.,' 'Happy Now?,' 'Sunday Morning,' and 'Hey You!' all did well amongst fans, while the breakup ballad 'Don't Speak' skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After the success of 'Tragic Kingdom,' No Doubt continued to crank out hits with albums like 2000's 'Return to Saturn.' Here, ND fans found love with a new batch of tunes, including the aptly titled, new wave-y 'New,' the scorned lover, angry rock anthem 'Ex-Girlfriend,' the forlorn ballad 'Simple Kind of Life,' and the reggae and ska-infused 'Bathwater.'

One year after the release of 'Return of Saturn,' No Doubt fans were delighted to hear that the band already had another album on the way. 'Rock Steady' was their next LP to impact, and with it came a much funkier, electro-influenced sound. If you want to rock out and get your dancehall groove on, 'Hey Baby' is the perfect tune for you, while the uptempo jam 'Hella Good' will also get you dancing along to the ominous bass and hip-hop overtones. 'Underneath It All' and 'Running' were also released as singles and signified the band's growth and roots.

Before No Doubt started recording their latest release, 'Push and Shove,' they released a greatest hits compilation, where they're cover of Talk Talk's 'It's My Life' earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal by a Duo or a Group. Now, they're hoping to make big things happen again with 'Push and Shove' singles like 'Settle Down' and 'Looking Hot.'

Celebrate Gwen's birthday with us by voting on your favorite No Doubt song! We love Tony, Adrian and Tom too, so be sure to keep the ND tracks pumping all day long and to vote once per hour.

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