Gwen Stefani has been the reigning pop-rock frontwoman for more than a decade now, leading her bandmates in No Doubt with her inimitably impressive vocals. However, when Paramore first broke onto the scene a few years back, fiery-haired songstress Hayley Williams also became a notable frontwoman in the pop world.

You already know what we're getting at, don't you? Who gets your vote for the most electrifying frontwoman in pop music? No Doubt's Gwen Stefani, or Paramore's Hayley Williams?

Both Stefani and Williams are filled with tons of energy, getting fans pumped the Nth degree during live performances. They also know how to dazzle with their appearances, with No Doubt lovers eagerly waiting to see the iconic Stefani's outfit choice of the evening. Meanwhile, Williams' punky style and feisty attitude have also won over the hearts of fans in recent years. Not to mention they've got incredibly pipes and girl power, leading their bands of dudes with their strong yet feminine personas.

So, who's it gonna be, PopCrush readers? Do you think Gwen Stefani of No Doubt is the best frontwoman, or does Hayley Williams of Paramore have your vote?