As a superstar solo artist, Taylor Swift has racked up three No. 1 albums and a bunch of chart-topping singles, but that doesn't mean she isn't willing to spread the love when it comes to features. The country-pop sweetheart has lent her distinctive vocals to three great tracks since rising to fame, but which song do you like the most?

In 2009, Swift traded verses with Boys Like Girls singer Martin Johnson on the band's track 'Two Is Better Than One.' It's really the perfect feature for Swift, since it covers a topic she is more than familiar with: breakups. It's a sad song about heartache and missing someone, and Johnson and Swift sound fantastic together on the emotive harmonies.

Less than a year later, Swift actually collaborated with a soon-to-be ex (and the supposed subject of her song 'Dear John' -- you think she'd be a bit more subtle in the title), John Mayer. The pair briefly dated and recorded the song 'Half of My Heart' together, after Mayer tweeted, "Waking up to this song idea that won't leave my head ... It's called 'Half of My Heart' and I want to sing it with Taylor Swift. She would make a killer Stevie Nicks in contrast to my Tom Petty of a song." While the pair made beautiful music together with this twangy love song, their romantic relationship didn't end so well.

Most recently, Swift collaborated with rapper B.o.B for his 'Strange Clouds' track 'Both of Us.' Now, you don't typically associate Taylor Swift with hip-hop, but the truth is that she's a big fan of the genre and can even rap a bit herself. B.o.B spoke of the unlikely duet, explaining that it was actually Swift's idea and she pitched it while visiting his label in Atlanta. On the intense dubstep-inspired verses, Bobby Ray addresses the social and economic problems plaguing our country, while Swift brings the tempo back down with her sweet voice and gentle guitar.

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