Florence Welch knows how to make an entrance. When the curtain dropped on another rainy night in Boston, Ma. on June 23, Ms. Welch twirled towards center stage in her floor-length, angelic, golden yellow dress. Arms outstretched, she flowed towards the microphone at her own graceful pace. Her ethereal entrance was all it took to have the sold out crowd at the Bank of America Pavilion on their feet, and ready to take in every little bit of Florence + the Machine.

Florence and her ever-ready machine started their set off with ‘My Body Builds Coffins’ from her debut 2009 album ‘Lungs.’  Her band consists of a five piece backing band (including a harp and keyboard player), but it’s her celestial siren voice that has her fans enchanted. With a sound described as indie pop, her voice changes from soothing and soulful to grippingly haunting -- all within the constraints of one song. This is a true instrument that she seems to master with ease.

A few songs into her set would find Florence banging on one lone drum set up near center stage as she introduced ‘Drumming Song.’ As she ran from one corner of the stage to the other -- with flaming red locks left ablaze – she raised her drumstick as a baton and encouraged the crowd to sing along like a true maestro. Her show was truly a sensory overload, visually stunning and a feast for the ears.

As one might expect, Florence closed out the night with her smash it ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ before thanking the crowd and taking her final bow. Then, it was off to New York where she performed a free concert at Rumsey Field in Central Park for ‘Good Morning America.’ Florence + the Machine continue to tour through the beginning July.  Visit the band's website for all the dates!