After extensively listing our personal choices for the year's Best Music Videos, Best New Artists, Best Songs, Best TV Shows and Best Albums (all of which were tough decisions to make), we're highlighting the best lyrics we heard in 2015.

It's true that the same lyrics don't reach everyone in quite the same way -- it can be tough to explain why any specific combination of words resonates deeply with one person while barely registering with another, but that's kind of the beauty of it, you know? In any case, we filtered through the many diverse releases of the year and narrowed down what we consider to be the best verses, all presented to you in one neat little slideshow.

From undeniably talented songwriters who have cemented themselves within the pop lexicon as the best lyricists of their time (Alanis Morissette, anyone?) to artists like Marina and the Diamonds who successfully prove that -- sometimes! -- simplicity is best when battling a complex topic like immortality to a few more surprising choices (who would've thought Hilary Duff would come up with such a culturally relevant statement in a single song?) -- our list is a vast and varied one.

Click through the gallery above to check out the PopCrush Editors' picks for Best Lyrics of 2015. Think we missed something major? Disagree with us entirely? Let us know what you would've chosen instead in the comments below!

The Best Music Videos of 2015