Four tracks from the 'Paradise' edition of Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' have leaked online already. They're decent cuts and are of different paces and styles. Listen to them right now, since Lana's label is probably toiling diligently to get them yanked offline as we speak.

Here's the rundown.

'Serial Killer' is a percussive, beat-driven and dramatic track, centered around LDR's sex-kitten vocals, which is par for the course for all of her tracks. If a pout had a corresponding sound, it would be Del Rey's voice. She even channels Bjork on the track. Can ya believe it?

Del Rey gets her Gwen Stefani on via the breathy 'Ooh Baby,' where she's a bit more nasally than we've heard before.

'Ghetto Baby' was recorded by British bombshell Cheryl Cole, even though LDR wrote it. Now we get to hear the glam fashion model Del Rey sing it herself, in her "I am sex kitten, hear me purr" way.

'Summer of Sam' is the best of the bunch, as it's LDR gone hip-hop and drops rhymes about how she is pretty much running the N to the Y to the C. She offers her sexy girl raps over a '70s backbeat.

Listen to 'Serial Killer'

Listen to 'Ooh Baby'

Listen to 'Ghetto Baby'

Listen to 'Summer of Sam'