It looks like Jesse McCartney has been un-locked. FOX has passed on the 24-year-old's new pilot, 'Locke & Key,' a TV adaptation of Joe Hill's comic book series of the same name.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a limited event was considered, but is unlikely to happen. Another source tells the trade publication that the show will be shopped to other networks.

After a long, drawn-out search, McCartney was cast as Ty Locke, the male lead in the series and the oldest of the children in the family. The pop singer was set to star alongside Miranda Otto, Nick Stahl, Sarah Bolger and Skylar Gaertner, whose characters are held hostage by a supernatural force when they return to their family estate after their father was murdered.

McCartney was set to unveil his fourth studio album, 'Have It All,' on Dec. 28, but decided to push the release to 2011. 'Shake,' the first single from the record, dropped in September. A new album release date has yet to be confirmed.

Watch the Jesse McCartney 'Shake' Video