The 2013 Grammys had a lot of surprises for us this year. Not only was there a Justin Timberlake comeback performance, but also... [drumroll please]... a brand spankin' new category!

Four-time Grammy winner Kelly Rowland and four-time nominee Nas were on hand to introduce the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. However, there were only three nominees for the new category: Chris Brown, Miguel, and Frank Ocean, making the competition, well, super competitive.

Unsurprisingly, and rightfully, Frank Ocean won the Grammy for his album 'Channel Orange,' which seemed to be to the delight of the audience.

"I wanna look at you all as kids in tuxedoes and being fancy asnd stuff like that," said Ocean, dressed to the nines in a navy suit, referencing how he was told to picture the audience naked. "I wanna say thank you to my mother for being the best, to my managers Kelly and Chris for being the best."

"And to everybody at Odd Future Records and everybody at Island Def Jam, and all of you guys, thank you," continued Ocean.

Congrats Franks! This is a much-deserved win!

Watch the Frank Ocean 'Thinkin' Bout You' Video

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