Fun.'s 'We Are Young' has been remade as 'We're Not Young' by a bunch of 30-somethings for 'Sketchy,' a weekly comedy series. Being young is a state of mind and 30 is the new 20, right? Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

The lyrics are swapped out for references to getting fat, getting your s--- together, being less distracted, watching 'Modern Family' and having your prostate checked. Those are all signposts of leaving your youth behind and barreling towards adulthood and being responsible. That's not 'fun.' now is it?

This version is an ode to some of the unpleasantries of aging and getting older, like having DUIs and drinking problems, all of which are wrapped in the song's catchy melody. That serves to alleviate some of the sting. Notice we said "some" and not all.

Okay, maybe after a few chuckles and views of this video, it's not so funny, especially if you are in your 30s.  It's a real zinger.

Watch Makeover of Fun.'s 'We Are Young'