Lena Dunham graces the cover of Glamour's April 2014 issue -- looking flawless in a gray and white Rag & Bone dress and rocking sleek, slicked back hair and heavy winged eyeliner that gorgeously accentuates her eyes. In the issue, which hits stands March 18, Dunham is opening up about love -- including the life-changing relationship advice she received and her first date with boyfriend and fun. musician Jack Antonoff.

As for the groundbreaking advice, that came from Dunham's hero, the late Nora Ephron -- director, writer, producer and screenwriter extrodinaire.

"You can't meet someone until you've become who you're becoming," Ephron advised the 'Girls' creator/writer/director/star.

"I was all tortured about whether I should get back together with this guy I’d been seeing for five months. We’d broken up, and it felt like my only chance at romance for the rest of my life," Dunham recalls to the magazine. "But Nora was like, 'No, no, no.' So I broke up with him in January, 'Girls' debuted at the beginning of April, and then I met Jack at the end of April."

She already knew that Antonoff was going to be a special guy based on their first date.

"I remember talking with him on our first date and him being like, 'God, all the articles about your nudity on the show are such bulls---,'" she reveals. "It’s funny, ’cause in some ways that’s the conversation we still have when I’m upset [about stuff I read]."

No doubt Dunham and Antonoff discussed Dunham's Jezebel Vogue photo scandal together -- and we can all guess Antonoff's opinion on that. Fortunately for Dunham, it doesn't look like the site will be requesting any unretouched images from her Glamour cover.