The band fun. moseyed on over to 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on June 22 to give their first TV performance of their new single 'Some Nights.' And we do have to put it out there that we're more than obsessed with this song. As much as we love 'We Are Young,' it's about time this song gets some attention.

With the drum beats representing the sounds you'd hear in a war, the crowd happily claps along, and it's pretty clear to see how excited singer Nate Ruess is simply based on how he uses the stage to his advantage. We sometimes feel that he over-exaggerates his facial expressions while singing the song, take a look at the official video if you don't believe us, but then we wouldn't get the Nate Ruess and fun. we've come to love.

Ruess recently went on air with NPR's 'Weekend Edition for his first interview for 'A Summer With Fun,' which is a series that features the band, crew, and fans while on tour. "You think about the utmost goal that you think will never happen," he said, referring to the minor mainstream success the band previously had. "This whole year has been that." A week after the interview, 'We Are Young' reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fun. will be on tour from June 29 - Aug. 28. And we suggest you go catch them solely to see Ruess and Co. perform 'Some Nights' live.

Watch fun. Perform 'Some Night's on Jimmy Fallon

06222012(2) from SoundcreepsTV on Vimeo.